Institute of reviewing

The procedure for selection and review articles

  • Scientific papers received by the journal, are subject to mandatory review.
  • Reviewer appointed chief editor. The reviewer can be a doctor or a PhD, having a scientific specialization, closest to the affected issues in the article.
  • In the review article should be done within one month.
  • The review should include a qualified analysis of the articles of the material and its objective assessment. The reviewer gives a recommendation (positive or negative) about the possibility of publication of the article.
  • Authors of rejected papers sent a reasoned refusal within 10 days from receipt of the negative reviews. If the manuscript the author does not agree with the opinion of the reviewer, he can write a reasoned response to the review, which will be considered by the Editorial Board. The Council may direct the article for additional review.
  • The author is obliged to remedy the shortcomings of the reviewer of the manuscript and send the corrected version of the editorial board within one month after receipt of the review. The question of the completeness and adequacy of edits on the comments of the reviewer is solved by members of the Editorial Board or by the reviewer.
  • Manuscripts are reviewed by more than two times.
  • Are not subject to review by:
    • informational materials published, respectively, in the section «Information materials»;
    • promotional materials, reports of the founder, etc. in accordance with applicable law DNI.
  • When reviewing manuscripts in order to obtain an objective assessment of the information about the authors of the manuscript reviewer are not informed of the material. Data Reviewer is also not reported to the author (review will be sent without the reviewer’s surname).
  • The presence of positive reviews is not a sufficient basis for the publication of the article. The final decision on whether the publication is received editor in chief.